Dear 2022

It was like traveling through a portal in slow motion and watching devastation in the VIP section.


Dear 2022,

The last 60 secs of the year and I wondered what you were hiding. Were you standing there at the finish line ready to embrace me and tell me job well done, you made it through hell? Had you watched me through all of my trials and triumphs knowing all the while you had some thing waiting for me?

Sitting out on the balcony, enjoying the beautiful fireworks showcasing the traditional excitement in the world entering another phase in life. Another year separated from the source. A movie of my life played in my thoughts.

Immense fear was experienced this past year. Fear of not making it, fear of my children being introduced to a new world order of mandated mask attire, relationships and marriages being forced to deal with the real issues that had laid dormant. Covid-19 Ran through last year like a Tasmanian devil on steroids; I felt helpless at times. On the flip side, I turned what most people felt like was a down hill avalanche of hopelessness and accomplished majority of my goals I had written in 2020. Increased my credit score, purchased a new vehicle, invested in more stocks, found ways to be a better mother. Even through the warnings and political debates on whether or not the world was coming to an end or starting a beginning, I found a cave of peace.

Taking a sip of my Chardonnay, I raised my glass to the sky and thanked all the experiences I had fought my way through and realized how much stronger and wiser I am.

I made it.

I felt an enormous overwhelming feeling of joy. Just like a switch I felt tears flowing down my face. Words couldn't form what I was feeling. Thankful to be here another year and be a blessing to someone. In that moment, I knew what it meant to cherish life.




Authentic Lover | Mother| Writer | Allowing you to enter the mind of a woman with dark secrets

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Shanelle W

Shanelle W

Authentic Lover | Mother| Writer | Allowing you to enter the mind of a woman with dark secrets

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