Photo: Statue “Stargazer” by internationally renowned Mexican artist Pedro Reyes.

In the words of Bruce Lee “Be water my friend”.

There have been times when we’ve all just needed a moment.

Time to breathe and time to get away from all the chaos. Submerging ourselves into the sea off forgetfulness and being engulfed by invisibility, where worry itself doesn't exist.

There was a point in my life where a portal seemed to open up and life stuck its hand through and strategically placed challenges in my path; specifically designed for me. These were no ordinary troubles, (ex: bills, relationship heartbreak, on the job anxiety). OH NO, life conjured up something so disturbing, I had to make sure I was in the right lifetime.

This is where I transformed myself.

I was like the receding sea before a tsunami. People knew when I was about to obliterate. I cherish my energy. I understand self and how it needs to be protected no matter the environment.

Seeing the challenges placed out before me, the elements in my life started to change. The fire I had inside me seemed to die down, the air I breathed became harder to inhale at times from the smoke of my fire going out causing me to give up. My body started to create a sickness from the immense amount of stress I was enduring. My space became toxic with fear. I was becoming solid. STUCK. The challenges were breathtaking, not in a complementary sense.

It has been said that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.

I stopped. I allowed myself to go through an electrolysis process mentality.

I had too. I knew in order to conquer my challenges, I needed to liquify myself. Making myself easy to conform to any situation, saturate it and causing it to sink so that I can move on.

When the time came, I pulled away from family and friends, changed my number, ignored the problems of others, limited any access to me. In this process, I was able to strategize and get my thoughts together. I assessed every situation along with every possible action. a I anatomized the consequences of every action. Sometimes it took hours, days, months, even years, to decide when my force would flood my path.

Some people didn't understand my methods. Going “ghost” scares people. You are no longer predictable and become a threat to those who have had you as the command strip to their lives. Holding up their problems for them so they could walk a smooth path through life. I was nonexistent to them now.

Gathering my thoughts, and gaining control over my actions…I was ready. During my absence, I redirected my energy and built up force. I retracted myself and it made an acrimonious impact. With my strength, courage and power formed into an monstrous wall of victory, I knew I was able to ease through any challenge I came up against on my path.

Always remember, giving yourself time and space can be effective to any situation. Think before you act isn't just a cliche, its wisdom needed to prevail over any situation.

“Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless…like water”

-Bruce Lee



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Shanelle W

Shanelle W


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