Authentic Lover | Mother| Writer | Allowing you to enter the mind of a woman with dark secrets
All human power is a compound of time and patience. — Balchaz

Other men would get my attention but keeping my attention is one hard task in itself. Even when my attention is on you, I’ll always take advantage of the King in my peripheral vision.

“Why do I keep fuckin’ this dude”?, I thought to myself. After an hour of wasted sex with my Mystery man, I laid there staring at the mirrored ceiling above his California king bed. I glanced over at my phone on the black bed side table; it was 11:39 pm…

A woman written in mystery is worth a curiosity trip.

The Mistress

O boy did I love this role.

I was a born, authentic seductress. A natural bloodline sorcerer. I knew the rules and even created some of my own. I didn’t need a book or a teacher; my lessons came naturally.

I was a predator that wanted a man who was…

Cheating At Its Best (Part 4)

Photo: 8th floor of the Omni hotel

My power was strong, undeniable and I never doubted it. It was time to take cheating to the next level.

My marriage was going great. I had kept the peace in the house doing my wifely duties. My then husband informed me of a…

It was like traveling through a portal in slow motion and watching devastation in the VIP section.


Dear 2022,

The last 60 secs of the year and I wondered what you were hiding. Were you standing there at the finish line ready to embrace me and tell me job well…

K I N G (Part 2)

You cannot prove your love; and if you can prove it, it is no more love. It remains unproven. That is the beauty of it” -Osho

I was at his mercy.

Hovering over my black porcelain bathtub with my legs over his shoulder covered in honey, him gripping my…

Consistent at Being Inconsistent

I was married to inconsistency with my side piece unpredictably. Both of these keep me in order.

We all look for consistency in one way or another. Consistency with money, relationships, routines...something that grounds us and keeps us going. …

Money Talks

In the words of the late Robin Harris, I was pissed off to the highest levels of pisstivity. I was R.Kelly fed up, Kelly Price tired and now I was in a Beyonce’s dont hurt yourself mood. He had done everything in his power to keep me. All…

Whether or not you pray for blessings; you will receive them.

Silence is when God speaks. We pray for God to speak through us when God is already in us. Sitting in silence scares many people. Its a place where life stands still. I love it. Most people are scared to hear their own thoughts. Just listen to your heartbeat play…

Shanelle W

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